Monday, 11 August 2008

I've been shopping!!

I hope everyone is well on this blustery and damp august day! I decided to treat myself to a shopping trip to Craft Central yesterday only to get there 50 minutes and 30 miles later to find it had closed down! I was not a happy bunny wasting all that petrol and time and I had even checked on their website before I left and it was still listed there. I thought I'd go to Lakeland and the expensive but very lovely shop in the nearest town only to find that Lakeland no longer sell craft stuff and the craft shop now closes on Sundays! So, it was a complete waste of a journey and so I went the 30 miles home again empty handed. I did take a trip to Hobbycraft though which is only a few miles from my house and bought lots there and then today I went to Osborne Stationers (no relation to me!!), a haberdashery and a charity shop and got some real bargains! I got a handful of lovely buttons for 1p each and some ribbon for 5p, in Osborne's the papermania double sided cardstock was on offer and in hobbycraft I got more 12x12 paper in the sale too. I have gone a bit mad buying ribbons but they are all so lovely! The papermania chipboard letters were on sale in Hobbycraft too so I couldn't resist buying them!
No more spending for me for a while!


Sally said...

Looks like you have gotten yourself a lovely stash to play with. I love shopping

NattyK said...

You have some great goodies to play with there, and some great bargains. x

Kim Piggott said...

Hi Sarah, Great to get your comment on my blog. Loving yours, you have made some beautiful cards. Wonderful news on your upcoming career, how fantastic to get into Sandhurst wow! My son graduated last year, he has started his grad job but not sure if that's what he wants for the rest of his life. Weird of what not studying anymore. Enjoy your break and I look forward to more of your designs.
kim x

Joanne said...

Wow you got some lovely bits and bobs there! Im sure that you can spend a little more soon, thanks for my blog award, will have to work out how to put links onto the blog though, Im not very good at that!

Sarita said...

I too had a similar experience to you. I travelled to the Canterbury (Kent) Craft Central to find it too, had closed down. We have a Lakeland in Canterbury but I haven't visited it to know whether they have stopped selling craft stuff. It's a shame-online shopping is great but I do like to actually go and indulge at a craft centre! Anyway, it looks like you did very well for yourself-I'm very envious!!

Love sarita xxx

CoventryAnn said...

Loving your blog Sarah!!!