Monday, 29 December 2008

Spiral Whisper - Must See!

Well I am trying to catch up with everyon'e blogs and have come across these gorgeous stamps from Spiral Whisper which are due to be released in January. I couldn't resist telling you all that firstly there is a competition to win some but also I had to show them to you as they are totally and utterly adorable!
To find out more go to: but be warned - they are irresistable!!
Hope you are all enjoying the festive season. I was back to work today which wasn't much fun after such a good few days but got to go back sometime to bring the money in!

Friday, 26 December 2008

Merry Christmas to you all!

Hello! I am so sorry that I haven't been around for ages but the little spare time I have had I have had to spend making Christmas cards which I finished making the final one of yesterday morning! I had to make sure I used double sided sticky tape as glue wouldn't have been given a chance to dry before giving it!!

I'll upload some photos soon of my latest cards soon but in the mean time I just want to say Merry Christmas and I hope you all have a really fantastic new year. One of my resolutions for the new year is to keep up with ny crafting and my blog and all my crafting buddies. Plus I had Scrapbook Inspirations subscription for my birthday last week from Dad so I hope to do lots more scrapbooking!

Hope you are all relaxing after the hectic christmas card making!

Much love and festive hugs from me xxxx

Thursday, 6 November 2008

A card made with wallpaper and clothes hanging loop ribbons!

Hello all!

Firstly I hope you all enjoyed the fireworks last night that were lighting up the sky, secondly thank you so much to everyone who have left some really lovely comments on my blog of which I am very grateful and also to those of you who are following my blog, and thirdly just wanted to show you my card I made tonight using wallpaper and ribbons from my clothes!

I fell in love with this paper in Homebase and would actually love it covering a wall in my bedroom so I took a (little...honest!!) sample and made this card. I am off to Bournemouth to see my boyfriend tomorrow straight after work so I have been packing for the weekend so haven't had time to do a very detailed card so I just made this nice simple one which can be used for many different occasions. Papermania flower, pearl brad, adhesive gems and ribbons that were once upon a time the hanging loops in one of my tops along with the wallpaper sample from Homebase!

Hope you all have a great weekend and remember to wear your poppies with pride to remember those that gave their lives and fought for the freedom we have today.


Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Three new cards.

Well I am having yet another late night as I got carried away making cards and watching my favourite film - Moulin Rouge! I made the card above last night and then the two below this evening...and yes I did cave in and have to use my Pink Petticoat trees as I love them so much!

The two cards above I made using papers from the DCWV Christmas Stack and the vellum quotes are from 12x12 sheets of vellum quotes I got from a local craft shop. I shall have to look tomorrow to see if I can see a brand on them - they are so sweet though and thought they went really well with these DCWV papers.
This card I made using DCWV Christmas stack with Pink Petticoat christmas trees coloured with pencil crayons and Glitz It Up glitter glue. I also cut the top of the front of the card off around the blue ring for some added unsual detail to the card.

Hope everyone is well and having fun crafting. Thanks for looking at my blog!


Monday, 3 November 2008

Embossed snowmen!

Evening all! Missing out on my early night again but I am very disappointed in myself as I had planned to make about three or four cards this evening but I only managed one. I spent my lunch hour from work drawing sketches of cards to make when I got home and I still only managed one. I have banned myself from Pink Petticoat this week though in hopes that I can get some variety so I found an old stamp in my box and embossed these little snowmen.

Dovecraft square card blank, DCWV paper from the Christmas stack, Bazzil Basics pink textured card (used the back of it as the front was too shimmery), Papermania Sparkly trim, Anita's peel offs coloured pink with Whispers permanent pen and I can not think for the life of me where the snowman stamp came from or what make it is but I embossed it using Ink It Up clear pigment ink and Heat It Up silver tinsel embossing powder with the Heat It Up tool and then coloured in with pencil crayons. I used the x-cut shape cutter to cut the rectangles with rounded corners.

I am not 100% about this card but it was good experimenting using something other than Pink Petticoat and using less traditional colours.

I shall try to make a few more tomorrow night hopefully.

Hope everyone is well and happily crafting away!


P.S. I just remembered that I did have some good news today - I told my friend about how I need to make a lot of cards ready to sell at work for charity and he told me that he wants to buy some off me and even upped my price!

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Two Christmas cards this evening!

I am supposed to be having an early night but I got carried away making cards (although only managed two!). I have finally managed to make a non Pink Petticoat Christmas card so I am quite chuffed, but then when I tried to make the second one a Pink Petticoat Christmas tree just stuck itself to the card! I really love the Pink Petticoat images (probably why I keep using them so much) but I think I need more variety in my cards now so I may have to ban myself just until I have made more cards without them before people get bored of them!

I now have 5 christmas cards made so that is 10% of the ones I want to make! I best get a wiggle on with them now as I have realised we don't have long til Christmas especially with many of my weekends taken up with going down to Bournemouth to see my boyfriend!
Hope you are all ok. Thanks for looking and visiting my blog!

My shopping spree!

I managed to get to The Range yesterday after my trip to Halfords (and home and then back to Halfords again as I forgot my purse!) and replacing the bulbs in the car park with people looking at me as if I was mad...I was not going to spend an extra £2.99 (of my stash buying money!) to have some Halfords guy fit the bulbs for me when it is a three minute job that I could do myself and actually only took about two minutes and then a very nice man checked they worked for me when I put my foot on the brake. (I hadn't thought about how I was going to check that they were working by myself without something reflective to park in front of!).

Anyway, I managed to spend almost £30 on some really lovely stash, and when I got there I found that there was a Do Craft demo on which I hadn't realised so I chatted for a bit to Jill Lloyd who was demonstrating.

My lovely stash includes the Creativity and Creativity Life magazines (complete with free Papermania silver/gold sparkling trims), some christmassy peels offs, Bazzil Basics textured 12x12 card, lots of rolls of ribbon, glitter glue, Papermania felt ribbon, 3 other packs of Papermania sparkling trim, DCWV Christmas Stack 6x6 (really gorgeous papers in it!) and some felt snowflake embellishments. I feel more in the mood for making Christmas cards now that I have some lovely stash to play with so I shall have to get busy this week if I am to make about 50 Christmas cards!!

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Another Pink Petticoat Christmas card!

Hello all, hope everyone is well and staying warm in this wintery weather. Glad to see the sun is shining today even if it is still a bit nippy. I had the cold that has been going round last week so not been feeling up to doing any crafting but I realised that I hadn't put this card up on here which I made just over a week ago. I love embossed cards but find the embossed card blanks are quite expensive so I used a little brass stencil I have and embossed it quite a few times over a normal card blank. I am quite pleased with it although I need to think about the spacing of the stencil a bit more next time. The Christmas tree is another Pink Petticoat image which I coloured with pencil crayons and stuck onto some red textured paper and tied some green ribbon around. I stuck that bit onto the card with foam pads to make it stand out a bit more. Hope you like it! I must get on with making more very soon as I only have three and I want to make about 50 so that I can sell them at work and make some money for charity.

I'm off to Halfords today as I need a brake light bulb for my car and so I have decided that I will have to go to the one that is about an extra 5 miles away from the other one as there is a Range next door to the one further away so I might have a little shopping spree! Will let you know what I get but I really hope they have the Creativity Life magazine in as I haven't managed to get one yet but it looks so good. Fingers crossed!


Wednesday, 22 October 2008

My first christmas cards of 2008!

Well, I have finally managed to find some inspiration to make some Christmas cards! I looked through last year's craft remains of Christmas bits and pieces and was really uninspired so today I bought some Christmassy vellums and a few crafty goodies and I have been onto the Pink Petticoat website and eventually decided that I preferred these trees slightly more than any of the other Christmas downloads (would have loved to have them all but my bank balance won't allow me at the moment!). I coloured the images in with pencil crayons and a gold gel pen for the star and I have to say that I rather like them! I'm becoming more and more of a Pink Petticoat fan and I have my eye on a few downloads so watch this space! xxx

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

I'm back!!

Hello all,

Sorry I have been away from my blog, visiting your blogs and crafting for so long. I am going to try catch up as much as I can in the next week or so and I can't wait to see what you have all been up to recently.

I have managed to make two cards this evening to add to my collection to sell for charity. I have got about 20 cards now but I want to have a good selection before I start to sell them so that there is plenty of choice. Hope you like them anyway.

Dovecraft square card blank, Pink Petticoat frog coloured with green pencil crayon, Whispers permanent red pen and gold gel pen, Papermania eyelets, ribbon from Hobbycraft and green and red paper from The Papermill shop.

Dovecraft square card blank, corset peel off from Craft Central, Papermania eyelets, Papermania adhesives gems, organza ribbon and thin red ribbon from Hobbycraft and red and black paper from The Papermill Shop.

Hope you are all well. Catch up with you soon...must tidy up all my craft stuff now so that I have a bed to sleep in tonight! xxx

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Managed another male card...just!

Hope you are all well on such a wet, cold, dark and blustery night. I like nights like this when I can be inside crafting and can be glad that I'm not outside in it!

I am on a mission to make some men's cards as well as cards for occasions other than just birthdays ready to try sell them for charity and I managed to make this Pink Petticoat card this evening despite finding mens cards hard to make and despite burning my hands and fingers this evening when I very stupidly grabbed, and picked up with both hands, a casserole dish I had just got out the oven! A couple of my fingers are starting to blister even though I ran cold water over them for 10 minutes. Still nothing is going to stop me crafting!

I think the card is lacking something but I don't know what. I want to add ribbons but I know I'll just make it look a bit girly! Maybe three eyelets or buttons in a row bottom right corner but not sure. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know! Thank you!!


Monday, 1 September 2008

Home Sweet Home

I have been looking through the cards I have so far to sell for charity and noticed that most are girly birthday ones so I decided I need to make a few for different occasions. I have made a start with this new home card using Pink Petticoat image coloured in with pencil crayons, gingham card and red textured paper from Craft Central pick and pay, gingham ribbon from Hobbycraft and red buttons from a charity shop (they actually say ripcurl on the other side so designer buttons!!).

Must make some male ones but I find them so difficult to do!

Thanks for looking.


Sunday, 31 August 2008

Can't believe it's beginning of September tomorrow!

Hello all!! I am so sorry I haven't been around the last few weeks but I've been so busy with work and other things. I shall try get through people's blogs to see what wonderful things you have all been creating whilst I've been busy. I just can't believe it is September tomorrow already! Where has the time gone?!
I did go to the Range yesterday as I needed some more square card blanks but I bought a few extra bits and pieces too! I still managed to spend just under £10 so quite pleased with myself! I got three 12x12 Bazzil Basics card, two sets of metal charms (girly ones and boys ones), my card blanks and a pot of cute black and white felt adhesive flowers. I bought the fabulous Scrapbook Inspirations mag the other day too to read in my lunchbreaks. Some really great work in there as usual.

I have made three cards since I was here last; one for my new boss' birthday which was a very quick mad rush of a card but it turned out ok but not brilliant and then I made two cards to sell for charity today with my new card and metal charms and I used one of my gorgeous new papermania ribbons on one of them...the tinsel like silver ribbon!

I hope to get a few more cards made this week as I want to build up a good stock of cards before I start selling them so that there is plenty of variety. I'm also not sure what to sell them for so trying to figure that out too. I am thinking maybe £1.50 with £1 of that going to charity. They cost me more than 50p to make but I enjoy it so I don't mind putting more to charity. If anyone sells their cards please can you let me know if this is about the right price. I don't want to overcharge people but want to make some money for charity too.
Thanks for looking and as always, thanks so much for the lovely comments.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

New Papermania Acrylic Album!!

Right well this weekend I am afraid I haven't done much blogging as I have been busy playing with the gorgeous acrylic album from Papermania that is coming out 1st September (when I shall be queuing to buy a few!!).

For a while now I have been trying to do a scrapbook page (12x12) to go into a frame for my brother but I had too many pictures and couldn't get any inspiration for it. Then when I received this album to try out I realised it was perfect for my brother's birthday present and I am happy with the results.

The pictures are from his medal giving parade in Windor earlier this year after he got back from Afghanistan. You may notice a few pics with Prince Harry who got his medal the same day and was stood not far from my brother. Princess Anne gave out the medals so there are a couple of pics with her too. On one of the pics it looks like my brother is yawning at Princess Anne but he was just talking to her and it was just unfortunate timing of the picture being taken!!

I really love the acrylic album; the size is perfect, the number of "pages" is great and some extra pages could be added by drawing round the arcylic and cutting out extra pages from cardboard, chipboard or paper etc. I love the scalloped edges and it is nice thick acrylic rather than some of the flimsy ones you can get. I shall have to buy some when they come out and make some more albums for christmas presents.

I hope to play with some of my other goodies in the week and let you know what they are like too! I have to say I absolutely love these acrylic albums!

Thanks for looking! xx

Saturday, 16 August 2008

I am such a lucky girl!

Firstly I would like to say thank you very much for all the kind and lovely comments I have been receiving about my knee and my new job and my craft projects! My first two days of work have gone well and so hopefully it'll be good for a few months until I can get to Sandhurst.

Now, this morning I had to pick up a parcel from the sorting office as they tried to deliver it whilst I was at work. I was thrilled to find these gorgeous new papermania goodies that Emma from Design Objectives very kindly sent me. I can tell you that they are fabulous and I can't wait to get playing with them. I shall let you all know what they are like when I have had a play after lunch.

Hope you are all well and have been very crafty recently!


Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Now for some really good news!

I have a job starting tomorrow! I only had the interview this morning so I'm chuffed to bits. It does mean less time for crafting but it means more money for craft stash buying!! I might also see if I can sell my cards there for charity once I have a good handful or more of cards to show them and once I have settled into the job!

Thanks for all the lovely comments.


Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Semi good news

Well today I had my appointment with a specialist about my knee as I have been having problems with it and have had to postpone going to Sandhurst to get it fixed. He thinks I may have torn the cartilage and so is sending me for an MRI scan on it. I think this is good news as I know it can be fixed with an operation (I had the same in my other knee 5 years ago). I am so glad that he doesn't think it's something which can't be sorted. Just hope it doesn't take too long to get the scan and find out exactly what is wrong and get an operation in etc so I can get to Sandhurst soon.

I have to say I treated myself to another piece of ribbon today too to make it up to a metre each of 19 different ribbons now in the last few days not including the 5 reels of other ribbons! I think you may be seeing a lot of cards with ribbons on in the next few weeks!

Hope you are all well!


Monday, 11 August 2008

Mr Froggy!

Well having made some Mrs Froggy cards I have now made a couple of Mr Froggy cards using the gorgeous Pink Petticoat images. I am not too happy with the first one because of my handwriting for the "Hoppy Birthday" but I am pleased with the second one although not a manly card after all!

I used papers that were free in a magazine ages ago, ribbon I bought from Hobbycraft yesterday x-cut circle cutter, Stamp Doctor eyelets, buttons from a haberdashery store and an ink pad for inking the edges from Lakeland. On the second card the froggy picture is actually stuck to the insert in the card so it's more of a window in the card.

Thanks for looking and thanks for all the wonderful comments you've been leaving me; they are really appreciated. xx

Birthday and buttons!

It is my brother's birthday this week so of course I had to make a card! I always struggle with men's cards but I got inspiration from Loretta's monday challenge on Do Crafts forum which gave me the layout idea. I did move the stamped image to the middle of the page, made the strips wonky and used buttons instead of flowers from the challenge so I hope Loretta doesn't mind that I didn't stick to it perfectly! I think this card may be better for a younger boy (my brother is going to be 25!) but if I can't make anything better it will do!

I used patterned cardstock from DCWV Glitter Mat Stack, Sarah Beise cake stamp, Papermania brads, Papermania rub on and various buttons from charity shops and haberdashery stores.
Thanks for looking!

I've been shopping!!

I hope everyone is well on this blustery and damp august day! I decided to treat myself to a shopping trip to Craft Central yesterday only to get there 50 minutes and 30 miles later to find it had closed down! I was not a happy bunny wasting all that petrol and time and I had even checked on their website before I left and it was still listed there. I thought I'd go to Lakeland and the expensive but very lovely shop in the nearest town only to find that Lakeland no longer sell craft stuff and the craft shop now closes on Sundays! So, it was a complete waste of a journey and so I went the 30 miles home again empty handed. I did take a trip to Hobbycraft though which is only a few miles from my house and bought lots there and then today I went to Osborne Stationers (no relation to me!!), a haberdashery and a charity shop and got some real bargains! I got a handful of lovely buttons for 1p each and some ribbon for 5p, in Osborne's the papermania double sided cardstock was on offer and in hobbycraft I got more 12x12 paper in the sale too. I have gone a bit mad buying ribbons but they are all so lovely! The papermania chipboard letters were on sale in Hobbycraft too so I couldn't resist buying them!
No more spending for me for a while!

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Another award!

I am so honoured to have received this lovely award from Shelly (thank you so much Shelly...I love your blog too!).

So the rules are:

I have to pick 7 of my favourite blogs and:
1. The winner can put the logo on their blog
2. Link the person you received your award from
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls or boys you’ve nominated

This was so tricky as I have so many blogs I love and so many more than 7 favourite blogs. I eventually decided to award the following: Ana, Chrissie, Joanne, Michelle, Sarita, Natalie and Kerry


Saturday, 9 August 2008

Birthday card

On Friday it is my brother's girlfriend's birthday and her favourite colour is purple so I got out anything that was purple in my craft drawers and eventually came up with this and a pile of stash out everywhere!! I think my next job will be tidy up so that I have somewhere to sleep tonight!

I used some purple card I've had in my drawer for years (I think it came from WHSmiths about 4 years ago!), patterned paper from Papermania Vibrant Colossal designer paper pack, Papermania rub ons, Craft Planet lavender glitter glue, I hand drew the cake and cocktail and coloured in with pencil crayons, flower eyelets from The Stamp Doctor (which were green so I coloured them with a purple Whispers permanent pen), piece of purple ribbon which I'm not sure where it came from, and finally I used some 3d foam pads to make the middle bit stand out.

Thanks for looking xx

Thank you so much

Just want to say a huge thank you to everyone for all the kindness you've shown and all the lovely comments and messages. Yesterday was a nice day despite the sadness and Gramps would have loved it. Thanks so much everyone.

I can also upload two cards that I made a week or so ago now as the lovely ladies (Sue and Babs) I sent them to have received them now so I don't have to worry about spoiling the surprise!

The first is made with some orange paper I had in my stash, stripey paper from the DCWV spring stack, Papermania brad and an Imaginisce flower.

For the second I used a Papermania designer card blank,
x-cut circle cutter, photo paper, pearl pink paper from The Papermill Shop, Papermania adhesive gems and Anita's sticky ribbon.

Thanks for looking and thanks for all the kindness you have all shown.


Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Just to say...

Just to let you all know that Do Crafts is working again and my blog list is back and I didn't lose anyone so that is all good!! Technology is in my good books again...just about!


Good Morning All

Well I have to say that I am a little lost this morning as I can't get onto the Do Craft website which I also couldn't do last night so I am unable to carry out my morning ritual of having a chat on the forum. I hope it is working soon.

I have just added another blog, My Paper World to my blog list as I fell in love with all the cards as soon as I came across the blog from a comment they left on mine but my blog list now seems to have disappeared so I really hope I haven't lost them all as I had so many wonderful blogs on there that I like to keep visiting. Technology hey?!

Back to the paper is a card I made a day or two ago but didn't get round to uploading. It is the first of my cards to sell for charity made using a Papermania designer card blank, Imaginisce flowers, Papermania brad, ribbon from a cheapy shop and I drew around my chipboard letters from craftwork cards and used my craft knife to cut them out and then put a purple piece of paper in as an insert so that it shows through the "hi". I did make another two cards as well but I shall upload them once they have been received by the wonderful people I sent them to!
Hope everyone is well this morning and has a great day. Thanks for looking xx

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Sympathy card

I decided to make Gran a card after Gramps died at the weekend but I have never made a sympathy card before so wasn't too sure what to do. I thought plain and simple would be the best but I had nothing to go on it. I went to my local card shop which has some card making and scrapbooking supplies at the back (but very expensive) and found these lovely charm crosses. The loop snapped off the top of this one but I think it looks better anyway. I had already bought the K&Co paper a while ago simply because I loved it even though I had no idea what to use it for. I then added a ribbon I found in my stash of ribbons and some handmade paper and papermania vellum I already had too. I think it turned out alright and hope that Gran likes it.

Thanks for looking and thank you so much everyone for all the support and emails and messages you've sent; I really appreciate them.


Monday, 4 August 2008

Finally back!

I am sorry for not updating since Thursday but on Friday I couldn't get into any blogs or the blogspot home page and have only just managed to get back in after resetting my internet even though all other websites still worked. Very strange but nevermind I am back and will have to catch up on everyone's blogs again as well as update mine!

Very sadly my grandad passed away on Saturday night but unknowingly to me he passed at almost the same time that I put my new logo (which I designed to remind me of him and let him live on through my cards) on the back of a card for the first time. I want to say a huge thank you to all the lovely ladies on the do craft forum who have been so thoughtful and supportive since I told them my sad news.
Drawing isn't exactly a talent of mine but I felt it was important that the logo was my own work and after a lot of scribbling out and rubbing out and lots of screwed up paper I was eventually fairly happy with this one so I scanned it into my computer. I hope you like it!

I have also made a few cards but only taken a picture of one so far so I shall upload the others tomorrow. I made this card for a friend who is doing an intensive driving course this week and taking his test at the end of it. I used paper from DCWV spring stack, the brown frame and good luck came with some free papers in a magazine some time ago, I hand drew the car and then attached some ribbons from a cheapy shop with staples.
I hope to catch up with everyone's blogs soon and hope that I don't have any more problems getting into them.

Thursday, 31 July 2008

funkyfairyinspirations: FABBY BLOG CANDY GIVEAWAY

funkyfairyinspirations: FABBY BLOG CANDY GIVEAWAY

Just thought I'd remind you all to have a look at this....really generous blog candy and such an amazing woman and story behind it.


Wednesday, 30 July 2008

More froggy cards!

I couldn't sleep and gave up trying to design my new fairy in hobnail boots logo so made a couple more cards with my new Pink Petticoat frogs.

I used more free papers from a magazine from well over a year ago, bits of pink card I had in my box of scraps, half a flower from Imaginisce, Anita's sticky ribbon and a pink ribbon that came with several other ribbons from a cheapy shop! I used pencil crayons to colour the fab images.

I took this photo of the three together as they all co-ordinate quite well. You will have to excuse my photographic studio (my bed!) and don't look too closely at my pillow case which needs a bit of an iron!

I hope I have done the images justice and I hop(!!) you like the cards! I will see if I can get to sleep now as I have to be up soon!

A few changes

I have made a few alterations to my blog (mainly changing the subheading in the header box) as I am changing my "brand". Until today I always wrote on the back of my handmade cards "Handmade by Sarah with love" with a little heart above it in the centre but I am now going to design myself a new logo with "Fairy in Hobnail Boots"which is the nickname my Gramps gave me many years ago when I decided I wanted to join the army and I got my first pair of boots (which I wore around the house to wear them in but looked very silly with my short skirts, little legs and huge army boots!).

Very sadly Gramps has been losing his battle against cancer after recovering so well from other cancers previously and he has now had to go into a hospice. After losing my other grandad to cancer as well I can't thank charities such as Cancer Research UK, Marie Curie, and Macmillan nurses enough for the work they do and the help and support they give to sufferers and their families. When my Gramps has gone I am going to make cards to sell with all profits going to these three charities in memory of both my grandads and instead of my usual piece on the back of cards I make saying "Handmade with love by Sarah" I shall replace it with a new logo "Fairy in Hobnail Boots" as I loved my grandparents calling me that.

I have never sold any of my cards before so any advice would be appreciated as I want to make as much money for these charities as possible with so many lives being affected by cancer these days.


Great site

I couldn't sleep with so much going on at the moment so I have been looking at different blogs and finding out if I am doing things right or not with my new blog! I just came across a lovely site and they are giving away blog candy which is so amazingly generous of a years supply of there craft goodies!!! You can find Funky Fairys here and I recommend it as it is brilliant! I don't know what to buy first from their website!

Thought I should let everyone know so that you too can have a chance of winning such a fab prize. Good luck to all!


My gorgeous new froggies!

I have finally managed to make a new card with my adorable new frogs from Pink Petticoat. I love these images and so I hope that I have done them justice with the colouring in with pencil crayons, free papers from a magazine a long time ago, and these fab Anita sticky ribbons.

I can't wait to make some more now!


New Pink Petticoat!

I am so excited; I have just bought and downloaded two new sets from Pink Petticoat. I got the Hoppy Wishes for him and for her and they are so cute!! I struggled to decide which ones I wanted to buy but the frogs were my favourite and I couldn't decide between the two so got both! I will save buying the Lola Rose for Occasions and the Pom Pom Christmas trees until I have a job sorted as although they are good value I will just keep spending if I start now!

Hopefully I'll make a card this afternoon to show you the lovely little frogs!!


Tuesday, 29 July 2008

More crafting for today

Today I have made another card as I realised I don't have many birthday cards in my box of cards. I was amazed at how the stripes in the paper (from the DCWV Spring Stack) matched the embellishment (Papermania) and the beads on it. I also added Papermania adhesive gems.

I then made another page for my India Scrapbook. I was looking at these photos yesterday and wasn't too sure what to do with them and then I had a dream last night about the beige frame part way into the edge of the paper and I woke up and drew it down and then played with it this evening and came up with this!

I used Bazzill basics green textured card (it is darker green than it looks on the picture), Bazzill basics beige textured card, beige card from Craft Central pick and pay, papermania cork letters, flower from Sew Cute, an assortment of Papermania ribbons, Anita's sticky ribbons and ribbons from a a cheapy shop! Ribbons down the side say "explore", "discover" and "experience" and came from Hobbycraft, I drew round some chipboard letters I got from Capture the Magic and cut them out of beige card and inked the edges with a dark green ink pad from Lakeland, I used Whispers permanent pens for the green outline on the beige card and for the journalling.

Hope you like them.

Thanks for looking!