Thursday, 6 November 2008

A card made with wallpaper and clothes hanging loop ribbons!

Hello all!

Firstly I hope you all enjoyed the fireworks last night that were lighting up the sky, secondly thank you so much to everyone who have left some really lovely comments on my blog of which I am very grateful and also to those of you who are following my blog, and thirdly just wanted to show you my card I made tonight using wallpaper and ribbons from my clothes!

I fell in love with this paper in Homebase and would actually love it covering a wall in my bedroom so I took a (little...honest!!) sample and made this card. I am off to Bournemouth to see my boyfriend tomorrow straight after work so I have been packing for the weekend so haven't had time to do a very detailed card so I just made this nice simple one which can be used for many different occasions. Papermania flower, pearl brad, adhesive gems and ribbons that were once upon a time the hanging loops in one of my tops along with the wallpaper sample from Homebase!

Hope you all have a great weekend and remember to wear your poppies with pride to remember those that gave their lives and fought for the freedom we have today.


Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Three new cards.

Well I am having yet another late night as I got carried away making cards and watching my favourite film - Moulin Rouge! I made the card above last night and then the two below this evening...and yes I did cave in and have to use my Pink Petticoat trees as I love them so much!

The two cards above I made using papers from the DCWV Christmas Stack and the vellum quotes are from 12x12 sheets of vellum quotes I got from a local craft shop. I shall have to look tomorrow to see if I can see a brand on them - they are so sweet though and thought they went really well with these DCWV papers.
This card I made using DCWV Christmas stack with Pink Petticoat christmas trees coloured with pencil crayons and Glitz It Up glitter glue. I also cut the top of the front of the card off around the blue ring for some added unsual detail to the card.

Hope everyone is well and having fun crafting. Thanks for looking at my blog!


Monday, 3 November 2008

Embossed snowmen!

Evening all! Missing out on my early night again but I am very disappointed in myself as I had planned to make about three or four cards this evening but I only managed one. I spent my lunch hour from work drawing sketches of cards to make when I got home and I still only managed one. I have banned myself from Pink Petticoat this week though in hopes that I can get some variety so I found an old stamp in my box and embossed these little snowmen.

Dovecraft square card blank, DCWV paper from the Christmas stack, Bazzil Basics pink textured card (used the back of it as the front was too shimmery), Papermania Sparkly trim, Anita's peel offs coloured pink with Whispers permanent pen and I can not think for the life of me where the snowman stamp came from or what make it is but I embossed it using Ink It Up clear pigment ink and Heat It Up silver tinsel embossing powder with the Heat It Up tool and then coloured in with pencil crayons. I used the x-cut shape cutter to cut the rectangles with rounded corners.

I am not 100% about this card but it was good experimenting using something other than Pink Petticoat and using less traditional colours.

I shall try to make a few more tomorrow night hopefully.

Hope everyone is well and happily crafting away!


P.S. I just remembered that I did have some good news today - I told my friend about how I need to make a lot of cards ready to sell at work for charity and he told me that he wants to buy some off me and even upped my price!

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Two Christmas cards this evening!

I am supposed to be having an early night but I got carried away making cards (although only managed two!). I have finally managed to make a non Pink Petticoat Christmas card so I am quite chuffed, but then when I tried to make the second one a Pink Petticoat Christmas tree just stuck itself to the card! I really love the Pink Petticoat images (probably why I keep using them so much) but I think I need more variety in my cards now so I may have to ban myself just until I have made more cards without them before people get bored of them!

I now have 5 christmas cards made so that is 10% of the ones I want to make! I best get a wiggle on with them now as I have realised we don't have long til Christmas especially with many of my weekends taken up with going down to Bournemouth to see my boyfriend!
Hope you are all ok. Thanks for looking and visiting my blog!

My shopping spree!

I managed to get to The Range yesterday after my trip to Halfords (and home and then back to Halfords again as I forgot my purse!) and replacing the bulbs in the car park with people looking at me as if I was mad...I was not going to spend an extra £2.99 (of my stash buying money!) to have some Halfords guy fit the bulbs for me when it is a three minute job that I could do myself and actually only took about two minutes and then a very nice man checked they worked for me when I put my foot on the brake. (I hadn't thought about how I was going to check that they were working by myself without something reflective to park in front of!).

Anyway, I managed to spend almost £30 on some really lovely stash, and when I got there I found that there was a Do Craft demo on which I hadn't realised so I chatted for a bit to Jill Lloyd who was demonstrating.

My lovely stash includes the Creativity and Creativity Life magazines (complete with free Papermania silver/gold sparkling trims), some christmassy peels offs, Bazzil Basics textured 12x12 card, lots of rolls of ribbon, glitter glue, Papermania felt ribbon, 3 other packs of Papermania sparkling trim, DCWV Christmas Stack 6x6 (really gorgeous papers in it!) and some felt snowflake embellishments. I feel more in the mood for making Christmas cards now that I have some lovely stash to play with so I shall have to get busy this week if I am to make about 50 Christmas cards!!

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Another Pink Petticoat Christmas card!

Hello all, hope everyone is well and staying warm in this wintery weather. Glad to see the sun is shining today even if it is still a bit nippy. I had the cold that has been going round last week so not been feeling up to doing any crafting but I realised that I hadn't put this card up on here which I made just over a week ago. I love embossed cards but find the embossed card blanks are quite expensive so I used a little brass stencil I have and embossed it quite a few times over a normal card blank. I am quite pleased with it although I need to think about the spacing of the stencil a bit more next time. The Christmas tree is another Pink Petticoat image which I coloured with pencil crayons and stuck onto some red textured paper and tied some green ribbon around. I stuck that bit onto the card with foam pads to make it stand out a bit more. Hope you like it! I must get on with making more very soon as I only have three and I want to make about 50 so that I can sell them at work and make some money for charity.

I'm off to Halfords today as I need a brake light bulb for my car and so I have decided that I will have to go to the one that is about an extra 5 miles away from the other one as there is a Range next door to the one further away so I might have a little shopping spree! Will let you know what I get but I really hope they have the Creativity Life magazine in as I haven't managed to get one yet but it looks so good. Fingers crossed!