Wednesday, 30 July 2008

A few changes

I have made a few alterations to my blog (mainly changing the subheading in the header box) as I am changing my "brand". Until today I always wrote on the back of my handmade cards "Handmade by Sarah with love" with a little heart above it in the centre but I am now going to design myself a new logo with "Fairy in Hobnail Boots"which is the nickname my Gramps gave me many years ago when I decided I wanted to join the army and I got my first pair of boots (which I wore around the house to wear them in but looked very silly with my short skirts, little legs and huge army boots!).

Very sadly Gramps has been losing his battle against cancer after recovering so well from other cancers previously and he has now had to go into a hospice. After losing my other grandad to cancer as well I can't thank charities such as Cancer Research UK, Marie Curie, and Macmillan nurses enough for the work they do and the help and support they give to sufferers and their families. When my Gramps has gone I am going to make cards to sell with all profits going to these three charities in memory of both my grandads and instead of my usual piece on the back of cards I make saying "Handmade with love by Sarah" I shall replace it with a new logo "Fairy in Hobnail Boots" as I loved my grandparents calling me that.

I have never sold any of my cards before so any advice would be appreciated as I want to make as much money for these charities as possible with so many lives being affected by cancer these days.



Vicki said...

So sorry to hear the news of your Grandfather, it's such a cruel illness. The nurses do do an amazing job, we've had family members suffer with cancer and the nurses are out of this world. I think selling your cards and giving the money to charity is a wonderful gesture and I'm sure they will appreciate it immensly. I love the nickname you were given by your Grandfather, he's sounds like a lovely gentleman.

Just a thought re selling your cards, I sell mine at my local florist and have done since March, I now get phone calls with special orders. So maybe you could try your local florist or hairdressers to start off with. Hope that is of some help to you. xx vicki xx

Lydia said...

I wish you well with your charity cardmaking...and send big hugs to you and your Gramps ((hugs))

meayla said...

hi,i sell cards for my likkle fund which i set up to buy gifts for children with cancer after my daughter died last year aged 3 ,she had battled cancer for 21 months and she loved presents!!
i think what you want to do is fantastic,
i sell my cards at a local hairdressers shop,i keep them very sweet and simple because the ppl who buy them are older and dont want all the fuss!!
plus the simpler i make them the quicker i make them and the less they cost to make ect ect
this is not exactly showing off my best talents but it gets the money in x x good luck x