Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Poll - Scrapbooking or Cardmaking

Seeing as I love both and can't really decide between the two (if I really had to choose one I would say scrapbooking) I have added a poll on here (right hand side underneath about me) to find out what you prefer. Will be interesting to see which one wins!



Vicky said...

how clever are you?!?!?! how impressed am i??? a poll, a slideshow thingy, and i only suggested you do this, the other day! im so pleased you did! thanks for comments on my blog and i shall have to addyo to my faves... and keep coming back to check on what you're doing! xxxx

Vicky said...

i cant decide between scrapbooking and cardmaking either...though havent scrapbooked for quite a while, i love it when i do it! i have something on my blog for you...xxx